About Us


We are the recipient of a Clinical Ideas and Opportunities Fund Grant from the Northern Ontario Academic Medicine Association.

The Sudbury Emergency Associates Local Education Group at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine has also provided some funding support.

We have also received two summer studentship awards from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

The Team

We have welcomed upwards of 12 team members to our projects. The background of our team is broad, diverse and includes those with experience as health administrators, multi-disciplinary front-line healthcare professionals, learners, researchers, academics or educators, academic leadership and a patient advocate – all with experience and expertise in social accountability or related topics in education and/or healthcare service delivery.


Dr. Alex Anawati is the Principal Investigator and Co-Lead for the SAFE for Health Institutions Project. He is the Physician Lead for Advocacy, Leadership and Policy at the Centre for Social Accountability and Clinical Lead for Social Accountability at Health Sciences North. He obtained his Medical Degree, as part of the charter class, at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine University (NOSMU), followed by a residency in Family Medicine at the University of British Columbia and a Fellowship in Emergency Medicine with NOSM. For the past 10 years, Dr. Anawati’s clinical career has been rooted in Sudbury, Canada as an ER MD at an Academic Health Sciences Centre and with a Nurse Practitioners clinic to help deliver primary care to people experiencing homelessness.

Dr. Anawati is an Associate Professor, Global Health Coordinator and has completed two terms as a member of the Board of Directors with NOSMU. He has delivered over 25 presentations, workshops and acted as a panelist in a number of local, provincial, national and international forums with respect to social accountability in health profesional education and health care service delivery.  He is a member of the ASPIRE for Excellence in Social Accountability Panel and a member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada’s Social Accountability Working Group.

You can check out some of Dr. Anawati’s perspectives on social accountability in medicine with this community presentation and podcast delivered to the City of Greater Sudbury. You can also read about his Call-to-Action: ‘Social Accountability as the Framework for the Moral Obligations of an Academic Health Sciences Centre’ in Social Innovations Journal. Dr. Anawati was recognized as one of Sudbury’s 40 Under Fourty in 2019 for his work on Social Accountability in Medicine.

Dr. Alex Anawati, MD, CFPC-EM
Associate Professor NOSM
ER Physician
PI & Co-Lead SAFE for Health Institutions Project

Dr. Erin Cameron has a PhD in education with a focus on social justice and equity. She is an Associate Professor, Human Sciences Division, at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine University (NOSMU) and has an Adjunct appointment to the Faculty of Education at Lakehead University. She is also the inaugrual director for the Centre for Social Accountability at NOMSU.

Dr. Cameron is a highly accomplished scholar who has contributed numerous publications and other scholarly works that bolster the collective knowledge base on topics of social justice, equity and social accountability in medical education.

Based in Thunder Bay, Canada she is a proven researcher in qualitative and mix-methods research. She founded the Medical Education Research Lab in the North (MERLIN). She is responsible for key curriculum content and oversight related to social accountability at NOSM. Dr. Cameron is also a co-chair for the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada’s Social Accountability Network.

Dr. Erin Cameron
PhD in Education focus: Social Justice & Equity
Associate Professor NOSM
Co-I & Co-Lead SAFE for Health Institutions Project