SAFE for Health Institutions Toolkit

Once completed we will offer a comprehensive set of tools that can realize a social accountability framework from start to finish.

There are 3 Steps to a Social Accountability Framework

Central to a Social Accountability Framework are …

  • The patients, populations, communities and region that the health institution serves.
  • A focus on those who are marginalized, underserved and who experience health inequity.
  • Priority health needs, social needs and health inequities.
  • Meaningful community engagement.
  • Key stakeholder engagement and partnerships.
  • Relevance, quality, cost-effectiveness and equity as guiding values.

SAFE for Health Institutions Tools

Our tools target specific steps towards the realization of a social accountability framework in healthcare service delivery.

Continual Improvement

Our toolkit is continually improved through developmental evaluations, which captures real-time feedback from the SAFE for Health Institutions team members and the health institutions that use our tools.

We actively monitor for emerging information related to social accountability so that our Toolkit reflects the most up-to-date evidence.

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